Housing Estate Toblerstrasse 

2017, Zürich-Fluntern

 The Zürichberg housing estate captivates with its unusual architecture: 13 compact solitary buildings with a triangular ground plan, which create cabinet-like exterior spaces through their rotated and offset arrangement.


Residential building sue&til 

2019, Winterthur

 sue&til: The currently largest wooden residential building in Switzerland contains 307 apartments, a mixed-use ground floor and 200 parking lots. The 6-storey building is a flagship project for timber construction in Switzerland.


School Complex Chrüzacher 

2017, Bassersdorf

 At the initiative of Timbatec, the new school complex in Bassersdorf produced even more timber than planned. Originally, only the walls of the gym were to be made of timber, but the roof of concrete. Timbatec also proposed to build the roof in timber construction in order to save costs.


The Werkhof of the A16 motorway 

2017, Loveresse BE

 Highest precision was required at the Werkhof of the A16 motorway in Loveresse in the Bernese Jura. Due to the enormous mass of the 150 meter long hall, the timber construction elements had to fit exactly.


Apartment buildings Wolf and Edelweiss 

2017, Andermatt

 After The Chedi Hotel, Timbatec was awarded another contract in the holiday village Andermatt Reuss. At the two apartment buildings Wolf and Edelweiss, the timber construction engineers were responsible for the statics of the roof construction and for the fire protection of the shingle facade of one residential building.


A Residence made entirely of Swiss Timber 

2016, Köniz

 The Arborea residential house in Köniz, which is concealed behind the solidly constructed arcades, is a pure timber construction.


MFH Johnsonhaus 

2014, Köniz

 In the heart of the municipality of Köniz, a residential and commercial building on Neuhausplatz has been built in a sunny location close to the center.


Hotel The Chedi 

2014, Andermatt

 "Andermatt Swiss Alps" is a year-round holiday destination in the heart of the Swiss Alps. The project comprises six 4 and 5-star hotels, around 500 apartments in 42 buildings and 25 exclusive chalets.


Timber Grows with You

More and more large buildings are being built with timber as a renewable building material. Timbatec is a leading, innovative company in this growing future market. We construct multi-story buildings, industrial buildings and bridges in timber. And we develop modern timber construction products according to individual requirements.

  • We rely on Swiss timber

    We rely on Swiss timber

    04.08.2020 Line

    Wood is a naturally renewable raw material that only requires solar energy and water for its production. Harvesting and processing take place with very little energy and the material also stores CO2. As a Swiss timber partner, Timbatec is committed to the use of this domestic raw material - also in public tenders.

  • New life for the Aarau Castle Mill

    New life for the Aarau Castle Mill

    23.07.2020 Line

    Since 1974 the wheel has been turning in the Schlossmühle Aarau. At that time it came to Aarau as a gift from the Bözen mill. But the wheel turned in no avail. The interior of the mill was empty and served as a storage room. Now the Schlossmühle is being extensively renovated. Timbatec calculated the statics of the many wooden components.

  • New classrooms for Dotzigen

    New classrooms for Dotzigen

    06.07.2020 Line

    Today the dismantling of the old special clearing wing begins. On August 7, the ground-breaking ceremony for the new timber construction of the specialist rooms takes place. A lot of spruce and beech wood from Switzerland is used for the construction.

  • Nowadays wild animal bridges are built of  wood

    Nowadays wild animal bridges are built of wood

    22.06.2020 Line

    The Federal Roads Office is building the first wild animal bridge in Switzerland made of wood near Suhr (AG). In Neuenkirch (LU) and in the Linth plain (GL) the next wildlife bridges in wooden construction are already in the pipeline. Together with the association ProHolz Aargau and ASTRA, we invite you to a tour of the construction site on 16.09.2020.

  • Achieving national climate targets due to timber construction

    Achieving national climate targets due to timber construction

    19.06.2020 Line

    The parliament took a firm vote in favor of the implementation of the Paris Climate Convention. The construction industry is now under obligation and must significantly reduce its CO2 emissions. This is only possible by dispensing with steel, reinforced concrete and brick in building construction. The know-how and raw materials for the adjustments are available.

  • The planning process is key to success

    The planning process is key to success

    18.06.2020 Line

    The Riburg housing cooperative in Basel is betting on wood for its replacement buildings. Due to modular construction, ecological and cost-effective apartments can be built. An early and integral planning process is key for such a project. The timber buildings are rocketing as we speak.

  • We're hiring !

    We're hiring !

    17.06.2020 Line

    Timber construction is booming. Public and private clients are increasingly choosing timber as their main building material and we are looking forward to many exciting orders. That's why Timbatec and our start-up TS3 are looking for staff. Find out more about our open positions.

  • A wooden campus for Baar

    A wooden campus for Baar

    04.06.2020 Line

    The Wiesental school in the canton of Zug is being adapted to today's needs with a replacement building. In the new school building 560 children will one day be taught. Timbatec is responsible for the statics and fire protection of the timber construction planned by the architectural office penzisbettini.

  • DEEPWood research project has started

    DEEPWood research project has started

    06.05.2020 Line

    Timber construction is booming. Through active management and participation in research and development projects, we are part and driver of this development. Together with the Bern University of Applied Sciences, the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts and the DeepWood implementation team, we are continuing to develop the BIM planning method.

  • School building made of regional wood

    School building made of regional wood

    27.04.2020 Line

    On the Plateau de Diesse above the Lake of Biel, a new wooden schoolhouse will soon be built. Chappuis Architectes SA won the architectural competition and is now planning the new building. Timbatec is currently preparing the tender documents and ensuring that the school building will be built with wood from the communal forests.




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