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Wenger AG produces the hotel modules for Swisstube AG in Burgdorf. These consist of a horizontal plastic pipe with a diameter of around 3.50 m and an interior construction in timber. All timber components are protected from the weather by the plastic shell. Several modules can be stacked on top of each other. Optimum sound insulation can be achieved by separating the individual modules.

Analysis of the Supporting Structure with Finite Element Software zoom
Analysis of the Supporting Structure with Finite Element Software
Assembly of the Hotel Modules with the Tyre Crane zoom
Assembly of the Hotel Modules with the Tyre Crane

The Initial

Situation Based on its experience in the construction of the first hotel complex in Thun-Gwatt, Wenger AG was looking for solutions for more economical construction and more efficient management of the modules. After reviewing the already extensive plans and sales documents, the Timbatec engineers decided to optimize in 2 points: Reduction of glulam ribs from 9 to 7 and reduction of support points from 10 to 4.

The Optimizations

To achieve this, the module had to be optimized at 3 points: Strengthening of the structure in the area of force transmission from the upper modules and the supports. This goal was achieved by gluing the timber ribs to the plastic shell and installing pliers on the underside.

Design of a steel part for the supports, which simultaneously serves as load transfer in the 3 dimensions XYZ and as crane suspension. 

Here, the suitability for series production and the price were decisive criteria. The problem was solved elegantly with a welded, galvanized steel part. Load transfer from the interior to the supports via the plastic shell. This was possible without any problems due to the glass fiber reinforcement. It was helpful here to realize that the GRP shells used as feed silos had already been used thousands of times in agriculture - for decades in all weathers. For the calculation of this statically indeterminate system using the finite element method, a specialist from mechanical engineering was consulted. With this product optimization, costs could be reduced by around 5% without any loss of quality. As in vehicle construction, however, further development can only be guaranteed through consistent testing.

Construction Data

- Construction 

- Cylindrical pipe with a weatherproof plastic outer casing
- Outer diameter 3.5 m 
- Inner diameter 3.2 m 
- Length 8.1 m 
- Weight about 4 to/ module

Timbatec's Services
- Statics and construction
- Static optimization
- Viewfinder tests of wood-GFK cabling
- Plausibility check and verification of FEM calculations

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