Revision of standard position catalog NPK Holzbau


Timber construction is booming. Not only the market volume, but also the individual construction projects are getting bigger and bigger. This requires new bases for tenders. Timbatec is involved as author of the revision of the NPK Holzbau.

The construction method with prefabricated elements - still controversial in some cases 20 years ago - has now become established. Timber construction architecture has developed further and a wide variety of building forms and facade designs are in demand. Material developments and combinations have led to the possibility of completely new construction methods and forms. These developments call for new structural and design solutions as well as for specifications that enable the tenderer to describe the planned building in a technically correct and legally unambiguous manner in the contract for work and services between the contractor and the client. This calls for a revision of the NPK chapters on timber construction.

Combine everything in one chapter

The three chapters NPK 331, 332 and 333 are merged into one chapter, since today the majority of all timber buildings are realized in element construction. Furthermore, many items appear in several chapters. This procedure also takes into account the fact that new buildings, extensions, additions or renovations often occur in the same building project. The biggest advantage of the revision is that users only have to learn a single system, the association only has to publish one guide price catalog, and companies only have to maintain one item master for preliminary and final costing.


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